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The Dermatologist's Choice

Looking after your skin is now easy and affordable with Vitasure Skincare range 

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about vitasure

The VitaSure skincare range has been developed by South African dermatologists for South African conditions and South African skin types.


The complete VitaSure range contains Vitamin C and E, which are of the most potent antioxidants available for use on the skin. These agents help limit the damage that the environment does to the skin.

Multi Ethnic Models

Vitasure Skincare

for the Face

Skin Care

Vitasure Skincare

for the Body

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Safe for sensitive skin

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Does not cause acne

Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 16.28.52.png
Safe in Pregnancy

and in breast feeding

(excl Repair & Exfoliator due to urea)

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Fragrance Free

Vitasure is free of colourants and artificial scents

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Vitasure products are not tested in animals

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Proudly South African

Formulated by South African Dermatologists for South African skins

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