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13 Tips for Managing Atopic Dermatitis

1. Bathe your child in warm - not hot - water.

2. Limit bathing time to 5-10 minutes.

3. Use mild and fragrance free cleansers (eg. Vitasure repair)

4. Avoid using bubble bath.

5. Pat the skin dry after a bath. Do not rub the skin with the towel.

6. Apply medicine when the skin is almost dry.

7. Apply moisturiser (eg. Vitasure Classic Cream) on top of the medicine to the rest of the skin. For best results, apply the moisturiser twice a day.

8. Keep the nails short and smooth.

9. Keep the temperature and humidity at comfortable levels. Both extremes of temperature can trigger the itch/scratch cycle.

10. Use only recommended amounts of detergent to wash clothing.

11. Use enough water to rinse out clothing adequately.

12. Remove tags from clothing as tags can irritate the skin.

13. Wash new clothes before wearing. This removes excess dyes and fabric finishers which can irritate the skin.

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