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VitaSure Exfoliator


VitaSure exfoliator is a very potent exfoliator of the skin. It is especially effective for use on dry, chapped feet. It contains a high percentage of urea that softens and removes this thick skin on the soles of the feet. Other areas that benefit from Exfoliator are the heels, knees and elbows. 


Directions for use:


Apply to the dry, thickened areas twice a day. It may not be used on the face. This cream is not recommended for the use on children. 



Aqua, 40% Urea *, Mineral oil, Petroleum, Emulsifying Wax (Cetomacragol) & Vitamin A, C & E.

* Source: Textbook of Dermatology.


General Reference: [R7511-34]

Urea BP (carbamide) [R7511-1, R7511-26, R7511-35]. It accelerates the digestion of fibrin at about 15% and is proteolytic at 40% strength, solubilizing and denaturing protein. This property, together with its antivaterial activity, has encouraged its use in infected and crusted necrotic sloughs [R7511-13],but it’s most encouraged its use is as 10% O/W cream for ichythyosis [R7511-33] and dry skin conditions requiring emollients.


Combinations with hydrocortinsone may be useful for the dry itching skins of atopics or those with asteatotic eczeme. It has also been used as a 40% aqueous solution for the treatment of black hairy tongue [R7511-20] and for acne congolbata [R7511-36]. Pretreatment with urea enhanced the subsequent effect of 5-fluorouracil in treating solar keratoses [R7511-35]. This was due to epidermal thinning which may equally enhance the absorption of many other topically applied substances.


It may also be used in lymphostatic hyperkeratosis and papillomatosis, in psoriasis and in the treatment of mycoses [R751-19]. Topical therapy


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