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I have psoriasis of my scalp. What shampoo should I use?

The restriction and embarrassment caused by wearing of dark coloured clothes is all too familiar to patients with psoriasis of the scalp, with visible scales falling over the collars of black or navy blue clothing.

Psoriasis scales on navy blue coat

Psoriasis of the scalp benefits greatly from the combined use of Vitasure shampoo (active ingredients urea, salicylic acid and zinc pyrithione) and Vitasure Exfoliator (containing 40% urea). These products soften the scale and remove them.

Xamiol (Betamethasone and Vitamin D), a prescription medicine, helps keep the condition under control.

Ultraviolet light can be administered by means of a hand held phototherapy device (Dermapal) or with Excimer laser or Excimer light. UV light administered to localised areas of the scalp is referred to as targeted phototherapy.

Tar preparations may also be used, although most patients find this product cosmetically unacceptable.

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